Our Vision (Vision & Mission)

The vision of the Society is to organize its members with the objective of upholding Ethiopian tradition and cultural heritage by providing community services that contribute to the social, emotional, and economic wellbeing of its members and support to other Ethiopian community members in the spirit of “All for One and One for All”. 

The Society’s mission is to assist its members and the Ethiopian community by providing financial and emotional assistance in the time of distress. The Society will also mobilize volunteers and implement community services that educate and empower community members to cope with crises (such as those caused by a global pandemic or economic crisis) during major shocks and trauma and become resilient members of the community. Such activities may include, but are not limited to, educating members and other community members on financial planning and assistance, estate planning and probate administration, grief counseling, and assisting members and other community members with access to social services and economic support that are provided by the government that promote the mutual benefits and welfare of its members and local community.